Famous Tapestries

Through the years, various tapestries have been acknowledged for its magnificent artwork. To give you an idea, here are a few of them.

The first tapestry shows evidence that one of the first made was done by the Greeks. This is referred to as the Sampul tapestry that was discovered in the Tarim Basin inside a mass grave dating back to the 3rd century BC.

The tapestry represents a Greek soldier while some argue that it is a centaur. Regardless of who is in the figurine, more than 24 different kinds of thread were used in making it. People will be able to see this when they visit the Xinjiang Museum in Urumqi, China.

Three centuries later, the Hestia tapestry was discovered. This one stands out because this was made from both linen and wool. People who would like to see it will be happy to know that this is displayed in Washington D.C.

Some tapestries tell the audience a story and this is exactly what you see in the Bayeux tapestry. The drawings explain the events leading up to the Norman invasion of England and the invasion itself with what is happening written in Latin. If you want to see the original, you will have to go to a museum in Normandy, France or just enjoy its replica in Berkshire, England.

The longest tapestry in the world is the Apocalypse tapestry and this depicts scenes from the Book of Revelation. It took 9 years to finish and sadly, only 100 meters is left of this artwork.

Everyone is well aware of the paintings of Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel. But are you aware that there were also tapestries here that have historical significance? Yes, there are a few of these designed by Raphael. These depicted in the life of St. Peter and St. Paul as described in the gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. Only a handful of these survive as many of these were either burned or stolen when Rome was sacked during the 16th century.

When the production of tapestries moved from northern France to Belgium, it was here that the Spanish royal collection was made. It consists of 8,000 meters of historical tapestry with some designed by Goya himself. The challenging part given the large number of artwork made is that you wonít see this all in one museum since this is displayed in various historical buildings.

The nice thing about these works of art is that you donít have to visit these places just to see it up close and personal. Because there is a demand for these pieces, museums and art dealers are selling replicas of these to the public. You just have to find someone who specializes in this and then buy it from them so you can display it in your home.

If you donít want a replica, you can choose from the various designs available or commission someone to make your own personal tapestry.

There are other famous tapestries aside from those mentioned. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of these that are still made old fashioned way when it can be produced in vast quantities thanks to new technology. Some argue that this improves the quality of these products but there are limits to what it can do compared to the talent of a person.


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