How to Buy a Perfect Tapestry

Tapestries are wonderful ways to dress up a bare wall in your home but not all tapestries are great looking. Some can be hideous. Instead of keeping your house beautiful, it will only serve to crowd the interiors. Below are some tips on how to buy the perfect tapestry that will look good inside your house.

But hey before you actually buy a tapestry, make sure that you do have a wall to place it in. The room should also be large enough to accommodate the big presence that the tapestry will have. Otherwise the room will feel small and crowded.

If you have surveyed your house and you still feel that a tapestry will add more appeal to the room, then go out and buy one with these tips in mind.

1. Check the size
The size of the tapestry that you will be buying will depend a lot on the size of the room and the wall where you will be putting it into. Remember that a tapestry can make a room feel small. If you do not have a lot of wall room or if the room is not as large, then buy a tapestry that is smaller in size but still interesting to look at. It will function the same way as a painting on a wall for instance. This is especially true if the ceiling is not high enough.

2. Choose a great color
The color of the tapestry that you will be buying should also depend on the color scheme of the room you are putting it into. The color should match or at least complement the room color. Too dark pieces are also more suited to serious rooms like the study or the library while cheery and artsy tapestries can be out up in the living room to serve as a conversation piece. Some tapestries are of course very colorful. When you check the color, look for the color that will dominate the whole artwork. Often, this is the color of the background or the frame.

3. Detail
Tapestries are appealing because of the detail and the intricate design that it has. When buying tapestries make sure that you go for pieces that are more detailed and more unique. This is especially true if you are putting it up in the living room where guests will get a chance to view them.

Details like embroidered frames will also make the piece more unique and more expensive looking.

4. Picture
Tapestries will most often than not depict a scene. In choosing a design, make sure that it is also suited to the room where you are going to put them into. The Living room for instance can have brighter and more dynamic designs while tapestries bought for the bedroom should have a more relaxing appeal. The colors should be muted or at the very least relaxing.

5. Quality
A good quality tapestry will serve you in good stead. It will add presence to your room for a long time. Tapestries that are well made are also can be washed over and over again without you having to worry that it will become worn-looking. One thing to check is the way it was sewed and made. Look for loose threads and edges that have frayed.


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