How to Not Buy a Horrid Tapestry

Tapestries are great accents to the home. That is if the tapestry that you bought complements the room’s interiors. Otherwise, it will only look foreboding and will overwhelm the room. You see tapestries can make the room appear different as with other pieces of furniture and room accents. The trick is to know when and where to out so as not to waste the beauty of this great work of art.

Essentially, the tapestry functions the same way as a sculpture or a painting. They are accents to bare walls and areas in the room that have open spaces. Usually, they are hanged on bare walls and become great conversation pieces when the pattern or design is interesting enough.

However, tapestries can bring a lot into the room and sometimes, it an become the make or break part of the room especially if it is large enough to become the focal point of the entire room in the house. Here are some of the things that you have to consider when buying a tapestry for your home. Check each one out. They are valuable points that will help you avoid buying tapestries that do not exactly fit the room you are in.

Size matters
Tapestries can make a room appear smaller than it really is. This can be a problem if the room that you put the tapestry into is small in the first place. Tapestries are great ways to fill up big spaces but if you do not have much space; then it is not a good idea to buy one. Tapestries can easily overwhelm a room especially if the design or pattern is intricate.

Color scheme
The colors in the tapestries can easily clash with the rest of the room so be careful in choosing the design that you want. Because most tapestries depict sceneries and multiple pictures, the colors that you will be basing on is the primary color used. This is often used as the background or as the framing color. Some tapestries will also have prevailing shades. Often, the really old ones will have undertones of red.

Colors should always match or at the very least complement the color schemes of the room. This is especially true if you have a scheme going on for the entire room.

Patterns and designs
The picture in the tapestries is also important especially if you have an ongoing theme in the room that you are going to put the tapestry into. For instance if your furniture are mostly simple with a zen-like design, the design of the tapestry should be more of the oriental theme as this will fit the room.

The same goes with furniture that are wooden or those that have a more French appeal. There are lots of designs that you can choose from. So before you check the tapestries out, look into the general feel of the room and look for the patterns and designs that will suit it.

Looking for the perfect tapestry is not as easy as it looks but it is not impossible to do. With imagination, you can actually turn the search for the perfect tapestry into an adventure in interior decorating.

Who knows, it may even be your first taste of designing your own home interiors?


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