Some Useful Tips on Buying Tapestries

So you are thinking of giving your home a unique twist? Why not consider buying and using tapestry as a decorative material. There are many creative ways you can enliven your home with a tapestry, a fabric that is woven by hand or in a jacquard machine using different colorful threads. Tapestries can be hung to make for an interesting piece of artwork or be used as an accent for furniture.

If the idea of using tapestry in your home is new to you but something which you are willing to try, then it might not hurt to know and remember a few things about choosing and buying a tapestry. When you decide to buy a tapestry, there are some things you would need to consider.

Tapestries can be made of different kinds of materials, so choose which kind of tapestry you would like to have. Smaller tapestries are made of woven cotton. The larger ones are made of cotton, wool or a combination of different kinds of materials, such as cotton, wool and silk. You should also look out for tapestries that are made with care for quality. A good tapestry must not be prone to oxidisation, meaning it would not lose its rich color or darken when exposed to air or sunlight.

Tapestries usually have rich colors and patterns, but take note that antique tapestries could be washed out. Donít fret over this as sometimes, a little fading can actually give your tapestry a unique character. However, if you prefer vivid colors for your tapestry, you can keep them as such by keeping the tapestry away from direct sunlight.

There are many designs that you can choose from. Tapestry weavers come up with a variety of patterns and designs that it is often hard to select one that would be perfect for your home. Designs can include different depictions of country life or city life, nature, still life, court scenes, mythological and historical figures, religious images, even reproduction of classic paintings.

The satisfaction of buying a beautifully made tapestry does not end with just putting it on display for your family or guests to admire. You would be delighted after having bought a tapestry that just suits your taste and style, and which is woven to high quality. You would not, however, wish that the money you spent for good-value tapestry would be put to waste. So, make sure to maintain the quality of your tapestry by giving it the proper care it needs. Regularly dust your tapestry using a soft brush. Any problem that you may have with creases can be solved with steam-ironing.

If the tapestry has lining, it is all right to steam iron it, but a soft cloth must be placed on top of the crease. For tapestries without lining, you should have the tapestryís back facing up. Place a soft cloth or something similar, such as muslin cloth, over the crease and dry iron it. It is not advisable to use a steam iron for tapestries without lining as it may damage the material.

Moreover, you can have your tapestry dry-cleaned by a reputable dry cleaning shop. If you happen to have purchased antique tapestry, there are dry cleaning centers that specialize in the wash or repair of antique tapestry.

Just remember that when youíre buying tapestries, it does not end with the purchase. You have to take care of your purchase so your grandchildren and their grandchildren can still appreciate it.


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