Recycling Your Old Tapestries

If you used to hang an old tapestry on the wall and it is not as good as before, you can try to have it repaired or restored. If this does not work, you have no choice but to replace it with a new one. As for the old one, you can still do something with instead of just throwing it away in the trash. Here are a few ideas.

First, you can make a tapestry bag out of the old cloth. For that, you must fold the tapestry in half. Work first from left to right with the right sides together. Now you stitch the sides together using a heavy duty needle and upholstery weight thread.

Since this will turn the tapestry into a rough cylinder, you can now turn the piece right side out and position the main design so people will see it on one side of the bag. Turn the back inside out again and stitch along the bottom.

Now that your tapestry makes a rough cylinder, turn the piece right-side out and position the main design so it is on one side of the bag. Carefully turn the piece back inside-out, and stitch along the bottom.

The last thing to do will be to stitch a belt to the sides so the bag has a strap. Some of the things you can use include a guitar strap, an old bag or sea belt webbing.

If you still have some fabric lying around, make smaller versions with the remainder. You can surely make a cosmetic bag then just add a zipper so the contents do not fall off inside the bag. To help you get started, look for ways to do this in craft books and online.

For those who donít want to sow, another option will be to cut the tapestry and then use this as a rug. This is better than buying one from the store knowing that especially when you are just using this to collect dirt from the footwear that people wore coming from outside.

If you have a pet, use this as their bedding. This will surely keep them warm at night whenever the weather gets cold.

Should the tapestry be not suited as a rug or bedding, you can cut these into wide strips and use it as wrapping packages. With Christmas less than 2 months away, you can use this as a ribbon then add a few other things to make it look presentable.

You can also use the old tapestry as a protective cover whenever you or your kids are doing some artwork as this will prevent paint, glue, glitters and a lot more from going to your carpet.

Did you know that money can be made old tapestry? Yes you can when you are able to sell it to someone who makes bags, rugs and other items from the fabric. If you donít have that much, perhaps it is best to give it way to charity so someone will be able to use it.

Your old tapestry is worth nothing if it has holes of it the color have already faded. From the examples cited, you realize that there are a lot of other things you can do with your old tapestry instead of just throwing it in the trash. You should just use your imagination and ingenuity because what may seem as trash to you could be opportunity to someone else.


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