The American Tapestry

Most tapestries came from Europe and when people decided to move to the New World, they brought along with them a few pieces until the immigrants decided to make their own version which is now known as American tapestry.

American tapestry is very similar to Renaissance designs because it depicts reality but in an American setting. You are sure to find one in every American home you visit even if the family was rich or poor.

Because the industrial revolution did not take shape yet, people were still doing this by hand. Phase one involved creating a detailed drawing. When this was completed, production begins by a process known as warping.

Here, you basically prepare all the materials so in phase 3; the workers will now weave bringing the design to life. The last thing that is done is the finished state where borders are placed on the sides similar to a frame placed to hold a painting. A cotton fabric and rod pocket is then placed so the tapestry can be hung on the wall.

In the years that followed, American tapestry just like the other designs was not used to hang on walls. Some were used as rugs or throws. You already had a choice where to put it as long as this matches with the overall surroundings.

There are even a few tapestry designed bags, handbags, pillows, curtains, bed sheets and blankets now available in the market.

Most of the American tapestry that is produced these days is imported from Belgium or China. They come in different designs and these are normally sold by the yard. The price range of American tapestry could be from under $10 to a little over $30 so you just have to look at various stores in the neighborhood and also online.

American tapestry compared to Medieval, Renaissance, floral or Verdure are very affordable. This is perhaps because it does not capture anything magical or spiritual that the owner can relate to. What it can do however is add life to the home and that is the most important thing you have to ask yourself when you go looking for the right tapestry.

The smallest American tapestry you can find measures 13 by 18 inches while a poster version will measure about 27 to 36 inches. But if you are trying to fill a large wall in the room, you better get something that is as big as a banner. This really depends on the size of your home.

So you donít have a hard time, it is best to being color samples when you visit the store. Donít be afraid to spend a little more because cheap ones will bring down the quality of your home. If possible, see if there are some American tapestries made by hand because these are better than those made by a machine. It is also more durable even if it does not require a lot of maintenance to keep it clean and in good condition.

American tapestries are not created on a whim because it has a meaning just like a painting. What it means to the artist may be different to you but as long as there is something there that strikes you, then that is the right one you should get and display in your home.


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